Texas ReEntry Services

Founded in 1998, Texas ReEntry Services (TXRS) is a non-profit organization that has built a program that seeks to promote safe communities by breaking the cycle of crime and incarceration for inmates, ex-offenders, and their families. TXRS has developed a wrap-around style of services for persons coming out of incarceration that assists with the reintegration needs of the individual through intensive case management services in order to ease the transition for ex-offenders into mainstreet society.

Basic needs TXRS provides care for is food, clothing, housing, physical and mental healthcare, substance abuse, education, transportation, job readiness, job placement, and obtaining proper identification documents. Visit below for more information.

TXRS provides Job Readiness Training three days a week, twelve hours in total, in order for our clients to reintegrate back into society.
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TXRS has several partners that impact our facility. Please click below to see a list of our partners from Tarrant County.

Texas ReEntry Services
Mission Statement


Creating safer and stronger communities by providing exoffenders opportunities  and means to become productive, contributing members of society



© 1998 TXRS

"Offering New Opportunities for New Lives"

Telephone : 817-834-2833

Fax : 817-367-9384


1408 Saint Louis Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104 

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